McDonald’s in Greenville- The first two weeks of March, or whenever it is convenient, is National Procrastination Week. Many times, the celebration is pushed back on the calendar. It was celebrated between the third and ninth this year, but I am just now writing about the fine art of procrastination. The stated goal for the week is to celebrate the act of procrastinating by leaving the necessary task to be done at a later time. There are other purposes for the holiday week. One claim is that the week of putting-off provides a mental and emotional break that actually decreases stress and anxiety. Don’t get me wrong, the holiday does not advocate sloth, laziness, or inaction. Instead, it emphasizes the accomplishment of a necessary task and leisurely activities that cannot be completed while one has other responsibilities. These may be reading, cooking, cleaning and my personal favorite, a siesta.

The breakfast club gathered at McDonald’s to discuss last week’s procrastination event. Ricky Nelson said, “I didn’t even know that there was a week devoted to procrastination.” Richard Hall said, “I meant to tell you about that last week, Ricky.” So, there you have it straight from the problem solvers in Greenville.