If you ever want to know about how to wire a 3D printer, how to boost range of an R/C car or see pretty pictures of birds, attend a children’s science fair.

Homeschoolers Chefs of Encouragement recently celebrated spring by showing off what they learned during school. Numerous students displayed their projects at the annual Science and Art Fair.

Evan Medina explains to his father, Gaberial, how to wire a 3D printer.
Brothers Logan and Ehvin Hackney participated in the Science Project. Logan, left, demonstrated how oil and water mix. Ehvin’s project is how to boost range of an R/C car.
Graham Clemets’ art project was called “The Eye.”
Make no bones about it, William Smith’ science project demonstrates how a skeleton is formed.
Levi Williams said he likes birds, so for his art project he drew several birds and bird houses.