How many of you have driven down a Farm to Market Highway in North Texas or noticed Daffodils springing up in late February? I found daffodils yesterday while driving to Rockwall from FM 2101. A sprinkling was found in an overgrown field near L3-Harris in Greenville. One of the most noticeable was found in the Wieland community in a well-manicured meadow.  I wondered if there had been a home in the meadow at one time with a garden tended by a loving wife and mother? What happened to the dwelling? Did it rot due to neglect or was it torn down as it became unlivable?

Perhaps disease wiped out the family that built the house. Maybe the bread-winner lost a job and the family moved on. Maybe it was it worse and murder and mayhem took place as chronicled in the King saga made famous in Greenville, Texas.

Janis Dianne, a North Texas song-writer and poet says, “Daffodils mark the place that somebody placed their heart when they first put down root” in her song, County Roads.

Daffodils are not native to Texas or North America but were imported as bulbs from Europe. The species are native to meadows and woods in southern Europe, North Africa, and the Western Mediterranean.  Wikipedia reports, “Both wild and cultivated plants have naturalized widely”. Daffodils tend to be long-lived bulbs, that propagate by division.